Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sandwich Island Composites (SIC) 2015

Seems like just a couple of years ago, Sandwich Island Composites (SIC) was a relatively small player in the world of SUP board manufacturing.  They were best known for their custom, Maui-made ocean racing and downwind boards, the F-16,  and the Bullet.  Now?  Well, they still make the best downwind boards in the world but they also make flat water racing boards, surf boards, even inflatables.

If you are looking for a board specifically for downwinders, be sure to put SIC at the top of your list.  There are multiple downwind boards in their line-up, including the Bullet 12'6", Bullet 14', and F-14 Wide Glide.  For ruddered boards, take a look at the F-16, and of course the flagship of the downwinder world, the outstanding Bullet 17'4".  Don't be alarmed by the narrow width (26.6 inches), as the standing area is exactly the same width as my 30 inch wide 14 foot board.  On the Bullet, the deck pad extends all the way to the edge of the rail.

Check out the 2015 SIC Catalog to see the whole range:

If you are fortunate enough to live in the North Bay, go to 101 Surf Sports in San Rafael.  They carry the full range of SIC boards.  If you can't drop by or if you are out of the area, be sure to give them a call and ask for David or Tom.  They will take care of you.