Saturday, February 7, 2015

Epic Weed Deflector Installed

Just installed the Epic Weed Deflector on my SIC Bullet 17. I cleaned the surface with alcohol and applied using only the peel and stick adhesive and some gorilla tape. It should be easy to remove and reposition if required. If it works, I will epoxy it in place. It is close enough to the rudder to fit through the hole in the board bag. Wind in the forecast tomorrow. We shall see!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Weed Deflector (Eel Grass Ginsu) for my SIC Bullet 17

I picked up this little carbon beauty from the good people at Epic Kayaks. I figure it should work fine on my Bullet. My rudder pulls up eel grass from Tomales Bay like a John Deere pulls dandelions from a little league outfield. I can't have that. Eel grass keeps Tomales Bay healthy, clean, and full of little fishies.  What's good for the bay is bad for my board, it adds a LOT of drag.

I will take some pictures after installation and also let you know how it works.  $20 investment, so what the heck?  I will nickname it the "EGG" (Eel Grass Ginsu), or how about "The Kelp Kutter"?

Carbon Fiber is cool, and sharp.