Monday, February 2, 2015

Weed Deflector (Eel Grass Ginsu) for my SIC Bullet 17

I picked up this little carbon beauty from the good people at Epic Kayaks. I figure it should work fine on my Bullet. My rudder pulls up eel grass from Tomales Bay like a John Deere pulls dandelions from a little league outfield. I can't have that. Eel grass keeps Tomales Bay healthy, clean, and full of little fishies.  What's good for the bay is bad for my board, it adds a LOT of drag.

I will take some pictures after installation and also let you know how it works.  $20 investment, so what the heck?  I will nickname it the "EGG" (Eel Grass Ginsu), or how about "The Kelp Kutter"?

Carbon Fiber is cool, and sharp.

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