Sunday, December 16, 2012

Adidas Boat ClimaCool Lace Water Shoe Review

Adidas has developed a very good water shoe.  It has some limitations but overall, is a very good shoe for SUP and for other water sports.  I purchased these shoes at an Adidas outlet in Myrtle Beach, SC at the end of the season.  I tried them for a couple of days and liked them so much, I went back and got two more pairs!  Sometimes wearing a size 13 is a good thing.

I wanted to use them a while before writing the review to provide an honest assessment.  I have been wearing them a lot both on and off the water.  I liked them so much I wore them during an entire day of cross-country travel.  I admit, I have hot sweaty feet.  These things are amazing for keeping your feet cool.  A lot of shoes have breathable uppers but these have lots of drainage in the sole.  This allows a lot of air to circulate around your feet as you walk.  Keeping the soles of your feet cool is really, really nice.

Here are some pros and cons of these shoes:

  • They are very breathable
  • Water drains very quickly from the soles
  • Very comfortable for casual wear
  • Look like regular shoes!
  • Loads of grip from the sole while on the board, and good grip on wet docks and ramps
  • Soft, thin soles help maintain a good feel of the board
  • Not stinky even after wearing all day!
  • Insides are impregnated with a "fruity" smell
  • Bright, weird colors are a pro for me as I grew up in the 80s.  Others may not like the colors.
  • Fine sand will enter the bottom of the shoes through the mesh-covered drainage holes
  • Sharp rocks may puncture the mesh drainage holes
  • Very lightweight, probably not ideal for rough terrain, portaging, etc.
With the popularity of SUP, you will see other shoe companies developing water shoes.  These hit the market pretty quick.  I like the fact that they look like regular shoes and because they are not a split-toe design, your leash will not get hung up.  I like wearing shoes while on my board, it's just more comfortable and provides better grip, more leverage, and protects my tender feet while walking to and from the water.  I think these shoes are best suited to docks and rocky beaches and not sandy beaches as they will pick up a LOT of sand through the soles.  Best part, they keep your feet cool and you can wear them with shorts or jeans without looking like a weirdo.

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