Friday, November 18, 2011

COOL Weather Paddling

Thanksgiving is next week.  Some of the Tahoe area resorts are already open for the Winter season.  Snow in the Sierra means rain on the coast, and lots of it.  Does this mean that we are supposed to pack up our boards until Spring?  Let's face it, it just doesn't really get that cold here so why not paddle all year long?  Ocean temps don't fluctuate that much and on a sunny Winter day, it can be pretty nice.  In fact, I would say that Winter is better than Spring for standup paddling.  Spring brings allergies and lots of wind, and who needs that?

So get on the right clothing and get out there and paddle.  I can't wait to paddle on the river or the bay during a nice hard rainstorm.  Electrical storms are pretty rare, so the only concern is staying warm.  I'm going to wear my farmer john wetsuit, a thermal top, waterproof shell, booties, gloves and waterproof hat and I think that will be enough.  I'll be sure to pack an extra shirt in my drybag.  If the rain stops or I get too hot I can always shed a layer and put it in the bag.

The forecast calls for rain this weekend.  Let's pray for rain!

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