Sunday, June 9, 2013

February 12th!!

Oh boy, I just checked out the ole blog and see that I've been slacking.  It's tough these days what with email, Face Book, smart phones, work, the commute, family and all that stuff.  Enough excuses, I'm going to get busy on this blog thing once again.  I have a few stories to write up along with some videos and pictures. I'm going to talk about all sorts of stuff like:

  • Meet Up Groups
  • Downwinders on Tomales Bay
  • Downwinders on Maui's North Shore
  • New gear
  • Old gear
  • Fins!
  • Rescue scenarios
  • Bunch of other stuff
I've been paddling a lot lately and having loads of fun.  I'm continually learning new things about where I paddle, and how I paddle.  I'm working on being a better instructor too.

ps - The Adidas watershoes are holding up great!  

(obligatory blog post pic below)

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