Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Board Alert! - SIC Bullet 17

Picked up a new board in Fairfield on Tuesday. Cleaned it and waxed it. Will get it in the water this weekend! Stay tuned for a full report.  Will also compare it to an older, custom-made SIC F18.  One is 6 pounds heavier than the other.  Can you guess which one?

9/7/2014 UPDATE!  Took the board out on Tomales Bay today.  Did two little upwind/downwind paddles, not super windy, maybe 10-12 max.  This board is fast.  Changing direction with the ASS system is easy to figure out.  Use the feet the steer and use the paddle for power and bracing.  The board is way more stable than I thought it would be.  I love it!  Perfect conditions today to get a feel.  Just windy enough to have some fun!

On the way home.
Took a few of the stickers off and gave it a good wash and inspection.
This is the thickest board I have ever seen.  Looks to be approximately 6.5 inches thick at the logo.
Very impressive finish on this board.  All of the lines are crisp, logos are perfect, deep rich colors and fades.  The blue paint on this thing is beautiful.  I love blue.  This looks like Cerulean Blue.  Very deep and very rich.  The entire board looks and feels very durable.  Downwind boards take a beating so they have to be tough.  This board is no lightweight at 41.8 pounds.  Despite it's narrow width there is a lot of volume in this board.  The edges between the blue areas
 and white are laser sharp, even at the tail.  

Lots of V in the deck to help shed water.  About 1.75 inches from the ridge to the end of the blue area.

The entire deck area is concave, a really nice touch.

Just behind the handle, the standing area is 21" wide.  The board width is 26.5".

Thickness of the board at the tail, over the rudder.

Thickness of the board towards the middle.

Thickness of the board in the middle.  Can barely get my hands to wrap around.

Thickness at the front tip of the deck pad.

Thickness about 2' back from the nose.

Not sure how well it shows up in the picture but there is a distinct line here.  The rails are glossy but the bottom is more of a matte finish.  This is probably to help reduce the appearance of scratches.  Rails are soft at the nose and gradually get sharper closer to the tail.

Quick inspection of the bottom shows a very flat surface going back to the standing area to a single concave and then leading to either double concave or v from the standing area to the tail.  I need to take another look during the day.

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