Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What is Downwind SUP? - Part 2

In part one we briefly looked at planing vs. non-planing.  This time, let's look at some cool pictures and compare the same board and same paddler in both states of being.

Connor Baxter Planing

Here we see Connor Baxter during the M2O race on a huge bump.  Notice how far back on the board he is.  Most of his weight is over his back foot, hands and paddle are low in preparation for a toe-side low brace or a cross tail heel-side low brace.  Sweet!  Over half of the board is out of the water.

 Connor Baxter Not Planing (displacement mode)

Here's Connor near the finish of the M2O race working very hard.  Notice how much of the board is in the water.  Notice his feet placement compared to the first picture.  He's paddling very hard here.  He's one of the fastest SUP paddlers (in any conditions) in the business.

 Jeremy Riggs Planing

This is a less extreme example of planing.  Jeremy Riggs showing beautiful form on a nice Maui bump.  Notice his feet.  He's not way back on the tail because he doesn't need to be.  The board is planing nicely.  Paddle is in perfect position for a draw, a quick forward stroke or a high brace.  Jeremy Riggs is loose, smooth, and so relaxed.

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