Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pivot Turn

For getting around buoys during a race or just for turning your board quickly in a tight space, practice the pivot turn.  It's a really valuable skill to have for surfing too as it allows you to quickly turn the board 180 degrees to catch a wave or to orient your board (nose facing the waves) after you take a ride to the beach.  It's a fairly advanced move and you will have to practice a bit to really get it down but once you do, you'll be happy. You can have a lot of fun practicing this turn.  If you really want to get wild, move way to the back of the board, really sink that tail and get the board spinning.  It's a great way to learn how to maintain stability on your board as the more weight you move to the back of the board, the more unstable the board will become.

When I was first learning this, I would always try to keep both feet on the center-line of the board.  It's possible to do it this way, but you will have much more control if you keep some weight on the rails.  When you start learning this, find some deep water away from obstacles (and other people) and prepare to get wet!


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