Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Monster Paint Traction Review

Chris Brackett from South Tahoe Standup Paddle recommended this product to me so I thought Iwould give it a shot.  I wanted to apply some traction to the front of my board and also to my paddle so that it's not so slippery when I have sunscreen on my hands.

Very impressed with this stuff.  It's barely visible, even up close yet provides really good traction on the board.  It's easy to apply as well and dries really fast.  I think the can says 5 minutes between coats and that was about right.  I put two coats on the front of my board and two coats on part of my paddle shaft and handle.  I paddled all day on Sunday, applied sunscreen 4 times and never had a problem with my hands slipping.  A lighter grip on the paddle is always better.  I even have about 1/4 of the can left so I have enough to do another paddle.

Make sure you clear the valve by inverting the can and spraying until only propellant comes out.  I did this after each coat and did not have a problem.  It's good stuff.

You can order it directly here.

8/20/2013 - I'm still on my original can and I've sprayed 1 board, and 4 paddles and still have enough left for one more coat.  One can goes a long way.

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