Friday, June 8, 2012

Werner Nitro Carbon 1 Piece SUP Paddle Long Term Review

Werner Nitro Carbon 1 Piece SUP Paddle Long Term Review

Look at this review from CKS, good honest review and not a sales pitch for Werner.  I have a two piece adjustable Nitro.  There are only two things I dislike about this paddle:

  1. Like other carbon fiber shafts, this thing is slick as grease.  If you have sunscreen on your hands, forget about getting a good, light grip.  You have to add some wax, tape or something to hold on to.  I'm going to try some Monster Paint Traction that I recently picked up from my new friends at South Tahoe Standup Paddle.
  2. One section of the paddle is a bit sharp.  When the adjustment piece is in the lowest position, there's no problem but once it is extended, there is a 90 degree ridge between the top layer and the part that inserts into the receiving end of the paddle.  It's small, just a few millimeters, but you really feel it when sliding your hands quickly up the shaft.  A little bit of that sharp edge should be taken off.
I love my Nitro paddle though, it is a work of art.  Werner knows how to make paddles.  If you want to experience something magical find a shop that carries the new Werner Grand Prix one piece.  It's incredibly, amazingly light.

Edit:  I taped off my paddle and added 2 coats of Monster Paint Traction.  I think it's going to be great.  You can't really see it and it gives you some texture without being too rough.  I also taped up my board and sprayed  coats on the nose.  I have not tried the board or paddle in the water yet but I think it's going to work well!  Be warned, the stuff is expensive.  It retails for $24.99 for one spray paint sized can.  Make sure you read the instructions on the can before using it.

1/7/2014 UPDATE - A little follow-up on this Nitro review.  First thing, I don't know how I missed this initially but my paddle is a two piece and NOT a one piece.  I've bought two paddles since this one: a Ke Nalu Molokai and a Werner Spanker.  Both of these blades are pretty big compared to the Nitro.  The Nitro is my go-to paddle for surfing, it just allows me to take quicker strokes and feels really nice.  I like the Ke Nalu better for downwinders.

The monster traction is fantastic.  It's a little hard on my hands at first but after a few sessions, some of it wears off and it feels much better.  After a few months, you have to re-apply it.  I'm still on my original can though.  I've done my board with it and my two Werner paddles twice and STILL have some left.  It's really good stuff.

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